Our firm has consulted with David for many years to improve our culture of business development and general firm leadership. He is knowledgeable, experienced and fun to work with. He is extremely strong on implementation, follow up and accountability."Susan S. Brewer - CEO, Steptoe & Johnson PLLC
When it comes to business development, David Freeman is superb. He brings a cost-efficient and confidence-inspiring approach to the challenging task of improving law firm business development practices. He has a deep understanding of today’s competitive legal services industry, and knows how to teach busy practitioners how to compete and win. I highly recommend David for any organization looking to grow its business." Peter Kellett - Chairman and CEO, Dykema
I had the opportunity to see the impact of David’s work at one of my prior firms, and recommended that he be engaged by two other firms I subsequently joined. As a COO who is responsible for maximizing financial results, David has proven to be an asset who has shown our lawyers how to confidently and effectively pursue their best opportunities."Richard Wolf - Former Chief Operating Officer, Parker Poe LLP
Randy Crispen - PartnerRandy Crispen - PartnerLuce, Forward, Hamilton & Scripps LLP, San Diego
David’s presentations are phenomenal! His experience in the legal arena and expertise in leadership and business development give him the ability to do what few presenters do well: present strategic guidance and practical “to-do’s.” Attendees leave with a greater understanding of how they can make an impact in their firms.” - Adam Severson - Director of Business Development, Baker Donelson, LLP
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The Fantasy Retreat

Wouldn’t it be great to have a retreat where:

  • A solid plan was developed?
  • Millions of dollars of new business opportunities were identified?
  • Your lawyers thought it was a valuable use of their time?
  • Difficult issues were professionally and satisfactorily addressed?
  • Relationships improved and deepened?
  • There was agreement to act in alignment with the firm’s strategy?
  • Commitments were made to implement the plan?
  • The plan was actually implemented?
  • It was … fun?

Turning Fantasy into Reality

When firms invest the time and money to get their lawyers together for a retreat, it MUST make a significant impact. No longer can we afford to gather just to build camaraderie and get to know each other – there must be definable outcomes that will set the stage for generating more revenue, delivering higher levels of client service, or operating more efficiently and effectively.

To that end, we can help by providing proven retreat programs that can change cultures, drive new revenue, and raise client service standards. These formats have been created by David Freeman, J.D., a veteran retreat designer, facilitator, and trainer who has worked with over 130 law firms and who understands how to engage the minds and hearts of your lawyers. You can mix and match themes as desired (see below), and the programming can include facilitated brainstorming sessions, training, experiential exercises, and client panel discussions.

During our retreats, your lawyers will roll up their sleeves and address your most important challenges, identify issues and opportunities, and jointly build plans for achieving higher levels of performance. More importantly, your lawyers will leave motivated and committed to implementing plans THEY created.

It’s All About Implementation

We recognize a retreat is much more than the event itself, so we  focus on what must be done before, during, and after to make it a rousing success. Since a retreat is only as good as what occurs because of it, we guide your leaders toward taking swift action to bridge the inevitable gap between planning and effective implementation. This support can include one-on-one coaching for key leaders, as well as assistance in developing an ongoing project management process.

Retreat Themes

Depending on your firm’s needs, you can choose from programs such as:

  • Mastering the Art of Cross-Selling
  • The Five Habits of Successful Business Development
  • Building on Our Strengths – Moving From Good to Great (a facilitated planning process)
  • The “Wow” Project: Creating a Culture of Extraordinary Service
  • CultureShift: Creating Firm-Wide Culture of Business Development
  • Developing High-Performance Teams

Collaborative Group Planning

We have significant experience designing and facilitating large group meetings that educate, entertain, and serve as a launching pad for action. Our custom-designed collaborative planning retreats incorporate best practices from working with hundreds of law firms, and serves to bring lawyers together to make important decisions.

Using best practices collected from well over two decades working with hundreds of firms, we build custom-designed programs that get lawyers to:

  • Identify obstacles that block higher performance
  • Brainstorm approaches for overcoming those obstacles
  • Prioritize possible solutions
  • Drill down to specific actions steps
  • Determine who, should do what, by when
  • Come to agreement on how to “guarantee” implementation


Our speaking programs are more than just talk – most are interactive programs with breakout group discussions and individual action planning that give your lawyers new insights and specific steps they can take to improve their performance. The following are some of the programs we deliver:

  • The Five Habits of Successful Business Development
  • Secrets of the Masters: Best Practices in Business Development
  • The Vampires of Business Development
  • The Five Pillars of Client Service
  • Revenue-Focused Leadership
  • Business Development Tools and Techniques for Associates
  • Roadmap for Developing a Marketing, Sales, and Service Culture in Your Firm

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