Automated Coaching Technology

Are you using antiquated business development techniques?

Our new world demands new approaches to keep up with the times. We must become better at solving stubborn problems like:

  • Slower revenue growth.
  • Decreasing client loyalty.
  • Silos between practices and offices.
  • Low lawyer motivation to sell.
  • Costly training and coaching that doesn’t really move the needle.
  • Inadequate planning, tracking, accountability, and follow up.

It’s time to move beyond traditional approaches. It’s time:

  • … to increase revenue, encourage greater collaboration, and build loyal client relationships.
  • … to get lawyers doing more, and moving faster, to bring in new work.
  • …to reduce the cost and inefficiency of human training and coaching.
  • …to harness the power of technology.

Cross Serving®: Electronic coaching for lawyers

In the summer of 2017, after twenty-five years of showing nearly 200 law firms how to increase revenue, we decided to develop a better solution. The result is Cross Serving®, a new breed of technology that actively guides lawyers toward becoming better rainmakers, without the need for human-led training and coaching. This electronic coaching platform automatically supports their efforts to increase revenue, deepen client relationships, encourage greater collaboration, and grow their personal books of business. It goes far beyond typical, passive, classroom training by electronically leading users through a step-by-step, proven methodology for successfully giving and receiving work between firm lawyers.

A powerful fusion of best practices

Under the hood is a carefully crafted combination of high-impact business practices. With input from a world-class advisory team, we’ve incorporated:

  • Adult learning, lawyer psychology, and gamification to enhance user engagement.
  • Tactics for generating greater internal teamwork and collaboration.
  • A laser focus on serving the best interests of clients to increase loyalty.
  • Technology that is customizable, cloud-based, scalable, and cost-effective.

Benefits for Key Stakeholders

From The Individual Lawyer’s Perspective:

  • Decodes the mystery of how to effectively cross-sell and become more collaborative.
  • Provides an easy-to-follow blueprint for success.
  • Constantly reminds users to move opportunities through the pipeline.
  • Features a user-friendly design to increase ongoing engagement.

From The Firm’s Perspective:

  • Significantly increases highly productive cross-selling activity.
  • Solidifies client relationships.
  • Encourages internal collaboration and strengthens firm culture.
  • Automatically tracks lawyer activity – no more manual spreadsheets!

From The Client’s Perspective:

  • Teaches lawyers how to build collaborative, high-value, loyal client relationships.

* * * *

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