Four Truths About
Creating Law Firm Culture Change

Get your Game on 2017

Keep Your Friends Close and Your Prospects Closer

Gamification – MLF March 2017

What Hamilton Can Teach Lawyers

Disconnect Between Aspiration and Execution

Cross-Selling Book Review

Cross-Selling Culture Champions: Using New and Different Approaches

The Road to Raising Revenue

Solidify Cross-Relationships: Cross-Selling Culture Champions

Creating a Culture of Cross-Selling

5 Killers Of Cross-Selling Success

Cross-Selling Book Excerpt: Listen to Your Inner Voice

Developing Effective Leaders

CultureShift: A Whole Firm Approach

Secrets of the Masters Review – Of Counsel

Secrets of the Masters Review – NALP

Serial Laterals - Managing PartnerSerial Laterals – Managing Partner

Mastering Cross-Selling Mastering Cross-Selling

Transform Your Firm with High-Impact Retreats

Practice Group Leaders in Business Development Practice Group Leaders’ Roles in Business Development

CultureShift – A Whole Firm Approach

Developing Successful Teams: Lexis Nexis Developing Successful Teams

Current Best Practices in Business Development Current Best Practices in Business Development

In-House Business Development Training In-House Business Development Training

Spotlight On Innovation: CMOplaybook® Spotlight On Innovation: CMOplaybook®

Maximizing the Business Development Potential of Laterals Maximizing the Business Development Potential of Laterals

Brainstorming Techniques for Lawyers Brainstorming Techniques for Lawyers

Freeman Interview - Economic Stimulus Plan Freeman Interview – Economic Stimulus Plan

Online Branding

Law Firm Stimulus Plan

Culture of Business Development

Assessing The Inner Entrepreneur

Audacity of Being Above Average

Pheromone of Client Service

Courageous Leadership

Pencil to Paper Prosperity

How to Lead a Revenue-Focused Group

Leadership Aspects of Cross-Selling

Coach Me

Making Organizational Changes Stick

Turning Energy Into Matter(s)

Review of “Weekly Reminders for Revenue-Focused Leaders” Booklet

Revenue-Focused Leadership

100 Days to Revenue-Focused Leadership

Outcome-Focused Leadership

CultureShift Best Practices, LMA 2004

Sales Management for Practice Group Leaders

High Impact Retreats

Rev the Revenue: The Marketing Focused Retreat

Developing the “Great” Law Firm

Raising Marketing IQ

Why Strategic Planning Doesn’t Work

Developing the High Performance Law Firm

The Balanced Law Firm

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