The Value of Remote Events

First, let’s reframe a misconception …

You may think remote training is not as good as live.

And you’re right…because in many cases it can be much better!

The beauty of remote training is:

  • It can flex to meet the needs of various populations.
  • It can be spaced over time rather than force-feeding too much information into a live half or full day program.
  • It can deepen learning and retention.
  • It can enhance collaboration and a build a sense of community.
  • It can encourage learning by doing and thus drive desired action.
  • It can be tracked.
  • It can save lawyer time, reduce costs and eliminate travel (which ain’t happening now anyway).


Not All Remote Programs are Created Equal

Many presenters are just repurposing their existing PowerPoint presentations on Zoom.

For those that were pretty dull in the first place – delivering them online risks putting participants to sleep …

I’ve invested over 50 hours deeply researching best practices in designing and delivering remote learning experiences that are engaging, inspiring and impactful, and what I’ve discovered is a cornucopia of training methods designed to motivate adult learners.

Properly applied, remote learning can be more:

  • Scalable
  • Flexible
  • Collaborative
  • Efficient
  • Consistent
  • Cost-Effective

In short, by focusing on optimizing the learning experience, solving real-world problems, and using tools like virtual breakout discussions, spaced learning, cohorts and collaborative exercises, quizzes, videos, polling, simulations, learning by doing and tapping into intrinsic motivators, we can harness the power of remote training to unleash more of your lawyers’ potential.



There are a number of ways to translate live programs into a digital wonderland:

  • Leadership Training, Brainstorming and Planning for Group. Dept and C-Suite Leaders
  • “Adapting Your Business Development Business in a COVID World” for training and coaching for Partners, Counsel and associates
  • Micro-retreats for client teams, industry group and practice groups

For a limited time, we’re offering free remote business development and virtual retreat programs. To schedule a call to discuss how we might craft a program for your firm, click here.